Your Free Name Numerology Report – What Can It Tell You?

Free Name Numerology Report

There are many free name numerology reports out there, that will analyze your given name in order to come up with a series of numbers that can tell a lot about you, your talents, desires, career and even relationships. Many times it is unclear just what information you will be given in these reports, and unfortunately the reports can be greatly varied depending on which numerologist you choose. So let’s analyze what a typical numerology report will reveal to you…

How Your Name Becomes a Number

The free name numerology reports out there will generally ask you for your first, middle and last names as they are listed on your birth certificate. There are exceptions though, depending on your numerologist’s skill level. You can use a nickname if you prefer, and if you feel that name really is “you” more than your given name. Also, people often consult a numerologist for advice on a potential baby name or even the name of their business. I have even had people ask me to analyze the name of their boat or their favorite pet! Each letter of the English Alphabet is assigned a number from one to nine, and those numbers are added up to create various combinations. For the examples in this article, I will use the name Mary Brown.

  • The Heart’s Desire Number – This number can be referred to by another term, but essentially it tells us all about your soul and what really makes you a unique individual. This number is based on the vowels of your name only. For our example, it uses the vowels A and O because those are the vowels in the name Mary Brown. Based on the standard method for assigning a number to each letter, the Heart’s Desire Number for Mary would be 7. This means that Mary’s soul craves learning and knowledge at all times. She likely enjoyed school and may still even be involved in taking classes. She probably enjoys reading and watching informational programs on TV, for example.
  • The Inner Dream Number – This number reveals your innermost desires, dreams and fantasies. This tends to be quite accurate and can help when one is deciding where they are and desire to be on life’s path. This number is derived by adding the consonants of a name. For Mary, her Inner Dream number is a 5. This tells us that her innermost dreams and desires revolve around pure freedom. Mary probably is very independent. She may be hesitant to settle down, or if she’s already married, she may find it difficult to rely on her spouse for emotional or even financial support.
  • The Expression Number – The sum of all the letters of the name gives us the expression number. It provides a complete snapshot of who you are and more importantly, how the world sees you. This number can be critical in deciding what changes a person might need to make in their life in order to achieve the goals they have set. Mary’s Expression number is a 3. People see Mary as outgoing, inspiring, expressive, creative, independent, positive and cheerful. Those are the qualities she should strive to nurture in her life because they are all good. She probably excels in writing, photography, acting, music, or other creative expression. On the downside, Mary tends to be seen as superficial and moody. She can be overly emotional at times and not take too well to criticism.

These three primary numbers can give great insight into your life when you order a free name numerology report. Just looking at one of them will only give you a small piece of the puzzle. You really should analyze all three numbers together to get a big picture overview of what makes you unique!

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