You Are Made For These Times

Have you ever felt like running away, leaving it all behind and wanting to go somewhere else? Sure, yes. I dream of going to Africa, where I cried to see families of elephants roaming, and worked with warm-hearted and dedicated people to help their communities advance. I dream of going to Canada, visiting my dear friends and giving them a big hug. I dream of going to the beach, walking along the ephemeral waterline and relaxing to the rhythmic sound of the ocean.

Except there is nowhere else. Everyone is affected by the profound personal and societal changes we are witnessing. I realized that there is no other place as a manager. You are a leader now, in this situation, at this point in time. How do you deal with all these changes?

Land in your place. Your confidence grows. Concentrate on your impact. You were made for these times. You are here now.

How can I give myself lightness and grace? What are the daily ways I can make my energy a priority? What can I do to make the world a better place for all of us, right here? They had to deal with the unknown. Many times.

You had to change your business and change your focus. He experienced discomfort and moved on anyway. Has changed. He rose to the challenge, challenge after challenge. He focuses on impact.

You’ve done the work to make a difference. You already know what your values ​​are. You had clarity in your vision. You know how you want to help create a better world for all of us. ready to change and grow from that impact as a leader.

If you haven’t done this work yet, or not as fully as you’d like, that’s okay, you can still do it. Where you are now is the place to start.