Why Machines are Taking Over Our World

A machine is any mechanical or electrical system that has been built to complete a specific task. It can be large, like an assembly line in a factory, or small, like the gears and pulleys inside of your alarm clock.


Machines are ubiquitous and can be found everywhere around the world – from cars to computers to DVD players. The earliest machines were used by humans as far back as 5000 BC when they invented the lever! These days there are more than two million different types of machines being used in the world.


Machines have been in use for centuries, helping to speed up processes and make life easier. The first machines were built in Ancient Greece by Archimedes. A number of other early devices, including the water wheel, followed over the next few hundred years.


However, it wasn’t until the late 18th century that James Watt and Matthew Boulton helped to modernize the steam engine with their invention of an engine that could convert heat energy into mechanical power. After this point, machines became much more widespread and popular. Nowadays they exist in just about every sector of industry–from agriculture to construction to automobiles–making our lives easier in countless ways!