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Cast aluminum is a very versatile material that can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s commonly used in machine parts because it has the following properties: low cost, high strength, malleability, resistance to corrosion and the ability to withstand tremendous pressure. One example is the die cast sprocket used in automotive transmissions. The sprocket is made from cast aluminum which will not break or crack under pressure while performing its function of transmitting power from the gearbox to other parts of the transmission.


Another property that makes this metal so desirable is its ease of machining. Unlike steel, which requires extremely precise drilling and cutting tools, cast aluminum can be cut with a simple hacksaw blade without requiring any lubrication or coolant.


The aerospace industry also uses cast aluminum to create everything from rockets to missiles and satellites. However, this isn’t the only application in aviation- aluminum can be found in aircraft tires, engine parts and landing gear as well. The automotive industry is another place where you’ll find cast aluminum. They have been using it for decades because it’s light weight, resistant to corrosion and has good thermal properties which makes it great for vehicles that have components under the hood.

In fact, automobile companies like Ford, GM and BMW all produce cars with at least 70% of their vehicle weight made out of aluminum by weight.


They’re also making strides in creating fully electric cars like Tesla or Chevy Bolt because their frames are easier to produce when they don’t need any steel at all.

Another less common but noteworthy application of cast aluminum is weapons manufacturing- especially those designed specifically for combat situations where you want an item that won’t break easily or bend while still maintaining its functionability.