what is Droppers

Droppers are tube-shaped containers with one or two holes on the top. Droppers are typically made from plastic, but can also be made from glass. The most common dropper is an eye dropper, which is used for applying liquid medicines like eye drops. You may have also seen these in art supply stores, where they’re used to add paint onto your palette.


In this case, droppers are usually made of glass and come in various sizes. Eyedropper bottles: These bottles consist of a round base and a cap that screws into the base. They usually hold just one ounce (30 ml) and come in either glass or plastic material. In this case, the dropper is often attached to the lid and will dispense only small amounts at a time. These types of bottles are often found in traditional medicine cabinets because they store well if you don’t use them daily. Remember when we talked about roll-on applicators? Well, they work best when paired with roller bottles.


If you need to apply oils like rosehip oil or calendula oil without adding extra chemicals and preservatives, then roller bottle is the way to go. Roller Bottles: Roller bottles are tall cylindrical containers that have a screw cap lid and a little knob near the bottom so it rolls up and down when pushed. They’re made primarily from plastic, but can also be manufactured using glass.


Often times there’s enough room for more than one application inside a roller bottle too! And if you happen to get overzealous with a product, then all you need to do is wipe off any excess product from the opening and put the roller back in its place before closing it. Tins: Tins are metal containers that resemble rectangular boxes. Commonly used as a collectible container for items such as cigars or chocolate coins, tins have evolved into packaging for cosmetic products as well. You’ll find tins made out of aluminum, steel, tinplate steel, tinplate copper-nickel alloy and copper alloys.