US plans mass expulsions of Haitian migrants

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Hundreds more migrants head for Texas border

Thousands of migrants cross the shallow Rio Grande from Mexico with only what they could carry, and officials say hundreds more are coming — a growing humanitarian crisis for the United States. More than 10,000 migrants, mostly Haitian, were in southern Texas as of Friday, staying in a squalid camp under a bridge. Most of the people Reuters spoke with hadn’t come directly from Haiti but had instead journeyed through Mexico and Central and South America. Republican Congressman Tony Gonzales called on the Biden Administration to take action. “Please get engaged, get involved, do something. This is unsustainable. This is not America.”Buses full of Haitians arrived in Ciudad Acuna in Mexico Friday, and many of them said they plan to cross the Rio Grande. But Reuters saw hundreds of migrants wading back into Mexico to get essentials they said they weren’t getting on the U.S. side. U.S. Border Patrol says it’s providing water, towels and portable toilets. Faced with the influx, the U.S. temporarily closed the port of entry at Del Rio as traffic built up. Police officers told motorists to turn back, rerouting them to the east. Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano issued a disaster declaration. “This is setting a nuclear bomb alarm that this is no longer sustainable or acceptable.”The chaos in Del Rio is giving ammunition to critics who say President Joe Biden’s more humane approach to immigration has encouraged migrants. The Wall Street Journal reports the U.S. plans to put the Haitians in Del Rio on flights back to Haiti.