Top 10 Email Marketing Tips

Here are 10 essential steps to writing emails that get results that multiply the dollar. The frequency of the emails is important: send them weekly or bi-weekly, monthly is not enough! Use your marketing emails to build a relationship with your current and potential customers. Email is a powerful and inexpensive marketing tool for turning strangers into friends and friends into customers. Email marketing works for ANY type of business to inform, inspire, and attract new orders, repeat orders, and referrals.

As a guide, you should generate at least $1 per month for each subscriber you have. Every time you send a well-crafted email (right message, right offer, right time), you can expect to generate $1 per subscriber. Now do the numbers for yourself: what would you expect to generate? Of course, it also depends on the UNIT PRICE of your product/service. Your goal is to increase both the VALUE per subscriber and the number of subscribers. time.

But as a basic guideline, you can assume that you will generate 100 subscribers = $100 email revenue, 500 subscribers = $500 email revenue, 1,000 subscribers = $1,000, 2,000 subscribers = $2,000. Email marketing that turns into revenue for your business: Decide on your main goal.

Emails work better when they contain one message rather than many messages. This applies to ALL types of marketing media. The confused mind takes no action to be clear about what you want the reader to do BEFORE writing the email. itself. Benefits, benefits, benefits. Sharing Emotional Benefits.

Tell a CASE STUDY, story, or scenario that catches your eye. Describe the BENEFITS instead of the features. Focus on the READER with words like “you” or “your”. Avoid using: we, me, me. about the reader (customer-oriented) and not about yourself.

The reader just thinks: What’s in it for me (WIIIFM)? Have a strong call to action. Let the reader do that! How should I answer? should i click? Here, order now, call this number, register today….

You influence them to ACT now… J Make it loud and clear… Be specific… Use scarcity to drive action. People fear the pain of losing more than the joy of gaining. ..

(Mostly! so you can make your offers: limited time, strictly limited offer, order Friday before 5:00 p.m., only today, only the first 10 orders… After thinking and brainstorming, the time has come for the e- Write mail Write the beginning, middle and end of the e-mail…

Limit each one to just 1 paragraph when you start writing email campaigns (so you can type faster AND get to the point)… you should never have to make the reader SCROLL to to see the offer. The offer must be made immediately (at the beginning) and the offer must always be repeated at the end…