Three Simple Machines that Everyone Should Know

A lever is a simple machine that uses a fulcrum to change the direction of the force. This can make it easier for one person to move a heavy object, or for two people to do the same thing. For example, try pulling up on this lever with one hand and pushing down on it with the other. The weight should move without much work from you.

The first type of lever is called a seesaw. When two children sit on opposite ends of a seesaw, they are making use of its ability to change the direction of force. If you push down on one end, it will lift up on the other end due to their relative positions at the fulcrum point in between them.

The wheel and axle is one of the most basic machines found in nature. The wheel can be seen on everything from small toys to large trucks, making it an important machine to know. It is a simple machine because it only has two parts, the axle and the wheel, which are used together to make something else work. The wheel and axle works as a lever because when you push down on the lever (the axle), you get more power by lifting up on the load (the wheel).

A pulley is any device used to change the direction and increase the mechanical advantage of a pulling force. A single pulley consists of one rope over a wheel or sheave, which allows a mechanical advantage of 1:1. The rope can then be routed around another pulley at an appropriate height, doubling the mechanical advantage to 2:1.