Three Email Marketing Tips to Get More Sales

Use these three email marketing tips to improve your email open and conversion rates. The higher your open rate, the better your chances of converting readers into buyers and making more money. Tip 1 – Choose a Short and Captivating Subject Line for Email Marketing Campaigns Subject lines are the hardest part of any email marketing campaign to get right. Most companies test multiple subject lines to see which lines improve open and response rates.

The customer decides in a few seconds based on the subject line whether the e-mail is of interest to him or not. Subject line even more critical to success. To write compelling subject lines, try the following: Wait until you’ve finished writing the entire email message before writing the subject line. the subject line jumps out of the body.

Focus on the wants, needs and desires of the customer: the benefit. “XYZ Season’s Best Sale” is short and immediately lets the reader know there’s a sale in that email and creates a sense of urgency when I don’t. If I open this email, I may be missing the best offer of the season. Avoid words like “free” which can be flagged as spam. Also, avoid double entenders and mysterious topics as they can feel like bait and turn off the customer. Keep subject lines no longer than 50 characters to ensure is displayed on most devices.

Try, try and try again. If one subject line is working for you right now, try new ones. Use it as your control. Don’t be complacent. new ideas.

Keep things fresh and interesting, but measure, track and repeat success. Tip 2 – Focus on one main point in email marketing There is a lot to read in the world today. Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Journals, Websites, Articles, Emails. …people are overwhelmed, including your customers.

Make it easy for them to read your communications. Stick to one main point in your emails. What will you focus on? It depends. You need to understand what motivates your customers.

Are you looking for information? Then focus on the information that only you can provide and that makes you essential to him. Are you a bargain shopper? Focus on special events and special offers.

But give customers an important point to focus on. Too many bullet points in an email spreads the message too much and makes it difficult for people to reply to it. When there are too many options in a communication, people tend to put email aside and quickly forget it.