Theological Education – Tool For Sustainable Development

Another compelling point for the Church’s reflection is: Theological education is the basis of sustainable development. Theology is not a new discipline on our continent, especially when talking about Sierra Leone. Theology is the bedrock of our country’s academic foundation. , as one might say of any other country. In the 18th century an institution was established to train clergy and other scholars for missionary work in the West African sub-region. This school soon became known in for all its value and excellence.

In a short time, other theological faculties of this type emerged in Sierra Leone. To be relevant and to contribute to development, Christian theology must be interesting and practical. Theology must interact with all situations and people. Speaking of theology and the difficult tasks or situations it deals with, John W. De Gruchy, Professor of Christian Studies at the University of Cape Town, writes:

“In such situations, theology needs to be alive and relevant to ministry; there is neither time nor space, not even a tendency towards theological abstraction or amateurism. Moreover, in such circumstances, theology cannot be fashionable, superficial, or peripheral to the central themes of the Gospel and Christian tradition, or alien to the historical context and its cries, because then it will not be able to provide the necessary resources for the ministry to provide .

In the past, the theological schools have trained men and women for the many-sided ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. The products serve in various capacities in Sierra Leone and around the world. However, schools should continue to evaluate themselves against their mission statement and goals to see if they remain relevant to the community they claim to serve.

With this in mind, I would like to draw your attention to some key aspects of theology: 1. Theology that advocates social and political reform; 2. Theology that transforms people’s lives; 3.Theology solving ecclesiastical problems.