The Gym

There are hundreds to thousands of reasons why someone says they cannot go to the gym. From I don’t have the money to I have too much work to do. Several of these excuses are honest and true but nonetheless still just an excuse. I know this because I myself was one of those people who in the back of their minds always wanted to change their body but just didn’t find the motivation. I could not get my lazy self out of the couch and out to a gym. Now many will fall back to the same question when someone asks them to go to the gym. WHY? Well there are many reasons but there are 3 main ideas I want to focus on. Crazy as it sounds hitting the gym not only helps your physical aspects but it also helps with a few mental things that I am sure we all need help with in some point in our lives.


We have all had that day at work where we come home wanting to punch the first person we see in the face. So much stress builds up inside us from simple things throughout the day. This stress can cause many illnesses and if not taken care of can and will break a person. Now imagine If every day that you get upset, angry, and frustrated you were able to quickly exert all that anger into a method which actually allowed you to let go of that anger and at the same time physically and mentally strengthen you. If you have worked out before at all then you know what I’m talking about. That feeling of letting go as you push yourself beyond a limit is amazing.


Now were at the gym working out slowly but surely. As you continue at the gym, each day your anger gets depleted and not only your physical but mental strength have increased. You have continued to relieve your stress by creating your anger into power. This in turn allows for a clear mind and focus allowing you to think clearer and make better decisions in your life.


Now you’re into your 4th week and you are feeling great every day you go to the gym. As you continue to work out your strength increases, your mind more focused and above all your health is greatly impacted in the best way possible. As this contributes to the strongest point I personally believe every single person works out for. As you see your physical attribute take form you smile and your self-esteem sky rockets through the roof. Now you feel better about yourself and this makes you want to push even more. Next thing you know your whole view of fitness changes in a blink of an eye. As your self-esteem improves you will begin to love everything much more. Why? You ever heard the saying, In order to love someone you must first learn to love yourself. As you look at how far you have come nothing will bring you greater joy then to be able to actually see your hard work take form.

Now let’s make a logical decision here. Is that one simple excuse we give ourselves every day really worth giving up a method of salvation? Not only that but when it comes to your health and well-being, there is so much exercising has to offer. I leave that decision in your hands. Every day you don’t act is a day lost, one you will never get back.


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