The Buzz on EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequency)

“Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible.” Andrew Weil, M.D.

Remember how the tobacco industry used to have Joe Cool and all that clever marketing convincing people there was no harm in smoking? It was a culturally acceptable thing to do. No harm, no foul right? Then, one day the leak was out and, whoops! It is actually pretty bad for you. So bad that they have to print it on every box now and they were prohibited to market it as they have done in the past. You know it’s bad when the FDA gets aggressive against it. They even put out pretty violent visuals of what smoking does for you. Next time you want to take a drag, just look at Google Images under “smoking warning”… it’s a drag in itself. But the reality is, smoking is not something you want to do to achieve optimal health.

Someday our children will say, “Remember how they used to act like cell phones weren’t harmful to our health?” It’s really hard for me because I often have real life topics that are extremely important to me and I wonder: Is it that people don’t know… or they don’t care? It’s probably a little of both but I still have hope for the human race and I want to believe people just don’t know. So either read this as a public service announcement or file it away and re-read it in 20 years and think – she might be onto something there…

We are a wired in society. We are surrounded and actually bombarded by electrical current 24/7. You have current in your house from your computer, your hair dryer, your TV, your coffee maker, electrical cords, your WiFi, radio signals… Entire communities are going wireless so it is a never ending physical attack on your body.

Ever wonder why real estate under a power line is so inexpensive? Ever jog under a power line and HEAR the buzz? Well, your body can feel that too. You can search as see a picture of an experiment where the electrical current from the lines lit fluorescent bulbs.

People are dealing with health issues today more than ever that can be greatly diminished, if not eliminated by following a few suggestions that I will mention later. Headaches are a major culprit. Think of things people do with their computers and cell phones. How many people sit or drive with their cell phone between their legs? Do you think that doesn’t affect fertility long-term?

There are major studies linking Leukemia to people using their computers for long periods of time on their knees/bodies. Ever talk on your phone or work away on your computer until that heat radiates your face or your legs? Yeah, that’s really not good for you. You may want some medical terminology. Radiation can cause abnormalities in the proto-oncogenes and oncogenes. When these become abnormal, the growth of abnormal cells, or masses develop. This can be described more technically or reduced to layman’s terms; I am assuming people just don’t know. I have seen some pretty manly men with their cell phones resting on their crotch and I have to just let them know they may be doing themselves a disservice in the manly dept if they continue that much longer. Just do some research. Push your phone further from you, especially when you are trying to rest at night.

I like presenting ideas to urge you to OPEN your eyes and filter some concepts through a brain cell or at least become aware of it. I have done so much research that it’s REALLY hard for me to keep my mouth shut when I see mothers hand their phones/iPads/any electronic device to a child to pacify them for a few minutes. I am a mother of a 2-year old and a 3-year old so it’s not to say that I don’t TOTALLY understand it. However, once I learned about the harmful effects of EMFs, particularly on young children, I feel it’s more dangerous than letting your sight or hearing impaired child play in the street. May sound a little extreme but I consider brains a pretty important item that you want to keep in tact – you are going to need your brain for a LONG time hopefully. The hard facts are that an infant’s brain absorbs more radiation than even a 5-year old or 10-year old brain. My generation’s children are the first generation to grow up with such high EMF exposure (particularly from cell phone/iPads… wireless devices) that just weren’t around before. Yes, we’ve always had radiation but not like the kids of today do. There are a lot of “links” with autism and vaccination but there are also strong connections with autism and “dirty electricity”. Those rates have ONLY gone up as EMFs have increased in our environment. Everything has a tipping point. Just check things out for yourself and see. Think about your child’s school, is it wireless? Is your town wireless? Most restaurants are adding WiFi. Do you use your cell phone as an alarm next to your head all night as you sleep? How much radiated (microwaved) food do you eat? Does your child use or HAVE a cellular device – which MOST kids do now. I crack up hearing my friends telling me their 6-year old is getting a cell phone for Christmas. I know it’s just a sign of the times and there’s a lot of safety reasons why kids get them but be cognizant of the fact that there are repercussions to their usage.

So WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT? Be aware, be informed, do your homework please. There are foods that are particularly helpful with protecting your body from the damaging effect of EMFs. Vit A, E and B12, Kelp, Iodine, and Hawthorn Berry capsules are some supplements that help. When it comes to your diet, healthy fats are helpful as well as sea weed, red meat and organic dairy fats. Each protect the nervous system, repair damaged tissues or assist the thyroid. That’s just to name a few suggestions.

Other things you can do is ground yourself on a regular basis. If you have ever done electrical work, you know the concept of grounding yourself. Still think this is crazy? Buy an electromagnetic field meter for fun and see for yourself. If you have a hybrid car… never mind, but I would sell it quick.

There are plenty of items you can purchase to neutralize the EMFs ranging from inexpensive to a little more pricey neutralizers you can put on your phone that can create a 5 foot radius and protect you available through Earth Calm. You can do things to protect your entire house and even buy products that work to help you ground yourself.

Take one night. Turn off your wireless router, power off your phones, turn off your computers and SEE how much more peaceful your rest is. That should convince you enough. It’s made such a difference for us, especially as my husband’s body has to be completely set to a healing state. We’ve gotten to the point where it’s like shutting the garage door… “Did you turn off the router?”


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