Significance of Pharmacokinetic

Pharmacokinetic is telling a variety of ways (such as intravenous injection, intravenous injection, oral administration, etc.) in which drugs go through into the body for the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion, which is A.D.M.E. The development and application of pharmacokinetic in recent years have proved it a special and important position in the field of pharmacy it occupied. First of all, pharmacokinetic, as a means to deal with the mathematical analysis of scientific medicine dynamic processes in the body, has the significant theory value. It is an important part of “mathematics pharmacy”. Its basic analysis method has been infiltrated into the biological pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, drug therapy, clinical pharmacology, molecular pharmacology, biochemistry analytical chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology, pharmacy and many other areas of science, becoming the most and main foundation of those subjects, promoting their vigorous development. At the same time, pharmacokinetic has a very wide range of practical significance.

Its development will be existing in drug evaluation, improvement of pharmaceutical dosage form, new drugs’ active design, providing efficient, quick, effective, low toxic and side effects drugs, as well as the guidance of clinical rational drug use. Through the study of the pharmacokinetic, it plays important role in the effective blood drug concentration of clinical treatment, the optimal dose, dosing cycle, calculation of loading dose, and whether continuous medication would occur accumulation in vivo. In a word, pharmacokinetics has become a useful new tool, widely used in the pharmaceutical field and various disciplines. A technical report of the United Nations WHO has stressed that: “For the evaluation of drug efficacy and toxicity, pharmacokinetic, not only in the preclinical pharmacological study stage, but also all stages of drug discoveries shows important value.”

Significance in new drug development process: In the development of a new drug, often we hope to achieve the desired requirements through chemical structure transformation, but it make the medicine itself also changes. Therefore, in the design of new compounds, pharmacokinetic can play a guiding role to analyze the impact that drugs structure to parameters and discover what genes can alter drugs absorption. And with the rules we find out, we can design new compounds.

Significance in the study of Chinese herbal medicine: In recent years, Chinese herbal medicine research has achieved great development, such as Silybum marianum seed extraction based on pharmacokinetic.

Significance in pharmacological research: As we know, pharmacology is to study medicine and life body interaction. It find out the effects drugs to the body on one hand, and also study the influence the body to drugs on the other hand. So it is often divided pharmacology into pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics.

Significance in clinical drugs use: Pharmacokinetic and clinical pharmacy combine, producing (clinical pharmacokinctic), in order to realize clinical individualized drug giving, including the dosage, dosing interval, route of administration, dosage form to the choice of the content.

Significance in pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics fields etc: In 1968 Australian produced phenytoin sodium tablets which take good effects all the time. Later, some people used lactose replacing CaSO4 in prescription and poisoning incident happened.

In summary, pharmacokinetic has become a new useful tool in a wide range of applications. Ways to find the new drugs are gradually transfer from experience to a more reasonable form, in order to produce new drugs, good drugs, and conquer all kinds of disease, illness, and finally create a new situation of medical and healthy undertaking.


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