Machines and Their Many Uses

A machine, according to the dictionary, is a mechanical device that transmits power to operate or control another device in order to perform an intended task. There are different kinds of machines based on the work they do and their structure (i.e., mechanical system). Machines can be classified into three types based on the way they function — powered machines, passive machines, and active machines. A passive machine includes tools such as pliers or wrenches that are manually operated by human beings to get an intended task done.

Machines will be able to do tasks that humans can’t, such as traveling in outer space or performing surgery. The most common types of machines are the following:

-Vehicles: Cars, boats, planes and more

-Machines for manufacturing: These machines create products by taking raw materials and making them into something else.

-Computers: Computers can perform calculations and store information much faster than humans. They can also control other machines. The earliest computers were huge and expensive machines. Today’s computers are much smaller, cheaper and use less power. All sorts of devices today have some sort of computer inside them; from phones to dishwashers!