Laptop Battery FAQ – Before Buying a New Battery

I have seen different battery cell types like 6, 9, and even 12 cells, what are they?

This number indicates the number of individual cells wont to structure the laptop battery. The more cells, the upper the capacity of the battery. Generally, the battery with rock bottom number of cells is that the standard battery that came together with your laptop. The 9-cell or 12-cell batteries are the extended, higher capacity batteries which will provide you for much longer run-time on one charge.

Before purchasing A battery with more cells, you would like to weigh up the advantages vs the additional size and weight, especially if you carry your laptop around with you all day.

Is the grade of the battery cells important?

In general, a laptop battery will provide between 400-800 life cycles counting on usage and battery quality. Lower quality or poorly manufactured batteries will provide fewer cycles, and a shorter overall lifespan.

Highest Quality Batteries (Grade A Cells) – 12-18 months
Medium Quality Batteries (Grade B Cells) – 10-15 months
Low Quality Batteries (Grade C Cells) – 5-10 months

How long will the new battery power my laptop?

Actual battery run-time depends upon the facility demands made by the equipment like the applications you’re running and your laptop settings. Our replacement batteries will last an equivalent or longer than the first battery which came with the laptop when it had been fresh (at an equivalent capacity). Generally, a typical 4400 mAh will last between 45-90 minutes. you’ll calculate how long a better capacity battery will last supported the mAh difference. A 7200 mAh battery will offer you 64% more run-time, and a 10400 mAh will offer you 136% more run-time than the 4400 mAh on one charge.

How long does a laptop battery last? When should I consider replacing mine?

All rechargeable batteries wear out with time and usage. As time and cumulative use increase, the performance will degrade. For the standard user, a noticeable reduction in run time generally are going to be observed after 18 to 24 months. For an influence user, reduction in run time generally could also be experienced before 18 months. We recommend buying a replacement laptop battery when the run time doesn’t meet your needs.

What are watt-hours, volts and milliamp-hours?

Every battery has three ratings which are watt-hours, volts and milliamp-hours.

Watt-Hours (wHr) may be a unit of energy adequate to the work done by one watt acting for one hour and like 3,600 joules. The wHr may be a calculation of voltage and mAh.

Milliamperes (mAh) may be a unit of measure electrical power over time. It represents the entire amount of energy store in your battery. The mAh rating is additionally a measure of the amount of hours A battery may last. the upper a battery’s amp hour rating is, the longer the battery’s run-time are going to be . it’s not uncommon for a few of our batteries to possess higher or lower amp ratings. this may not cause any incompatibilities.

Voltage (V) is that the amount of electricity that’s delivered to your computer. the quantity of energy from your wall outlet is bigger than what your laptop must operate. Therefore an influence adapter contains a box like bar which will decrease the energy lowering the voltage rating. Each computer manufacturer designs their computers for the acceptable voltage requirement. Your battery pack will then be engineered to match the voltage of the facility AC adapter. Laptop battery packs are composed of several battery cells that are wired together serial . While the voltage of the Hi-Capacity battery might not be just like the first battery, the voltages must be within an inexpensive range. Any replacement laptop battery should be within 1V. Anything above that range may cause incompatibilities.