JKUAT University – Why So Much Diversification in Courses?

There was a time when JKUAT University was associated only as an engineering university, but whether that maxim still holds true is a debate for another day. JKUAT University began operations in 1984 primarily as a middle university offering degree programs in engineering and technical disciplines.


It received a boost in its profile when the Japanese government decided to fund it. Thus, it became a university with a strong emphasis on engineering and technical education.


The University of Nairobi as the preferred university for engineering courses. However, the Japanese withdrew funding for the university in 2001 and handed it over to the Kenyan government. After that, the university initiated a rapid diversification mode. it now offers courses in a wide range of disciplines; from the humanities to the humanities to the natural sciences. But for a university that wanted to model itself after Kenya’s MIT; has he lost his cause?


Now you must understand that these must be very desperate times for Kenyan universities. As funds from the treasury dwindled by the day, the university, like its peers across the country, had to resort to other means of generating revenue to sustain itself. Therefore, he had to start courses in the humanities and other disciplines to generate income. .