Goodbye Wet ‘n Wild Orlando

It’s sad to say goodbye, but Wet ‘n Wild Orlando is permanently closed, leaving behind an era of unforgettable experiences. The fun and excitements it offered where magical and fans will keep enjoying the ground-breaking spirit long after the last splash was occurred. The oldest Florida water park shared its end date with the last day of the year 2016. And like every passing year that paves the way for a new one, Wet ‘n Wild Orlando too left us with another brand new attraction of its kind. Truly, the new Volcano Bay comes with a promise to take forward the watery spirit even further. Fans will be able to revisit their most beloved Wet ‘n Wild moments amidst an array of next generation thrills and splashes at the new water park for sure.

Wet ‘n Wild is considered as the country’s first ever water-park of its kind. It had completed nearly 40 successful years prior to the final sign off date i.e. on December 31, 2016. It was first owned and operated by the SeaWorld founder George Millay in the year 1977. With its unique combination of waves and water-slides, Wet ‘n Wild showed the world that water parks can get incredibly creative as well. Eventually, it surpassed the others in the business and became the industry standard. Later in 1998 the adjacent theme park giant -Universal Orlando Resort bought the property, and from time to time added many new attractions to it, including lighting and sound effects, and other special plans for visitors of all ages. Some of the most favourite highlights and attractions the Park offered, include the fastest multi-lane water-slide Aqua Drag Racer, The Storm, and not to forget the deep drops way down into the pool with the Bomb Bay, and more.–value-to-your-money—2022