Email Marketing For Realtors – Attract a Flood of Prospects by Using “Targeted Opt-In’s”

What is “Targeted Engagement Email Marketing” you ask? You know those big “signup boxes” on websites that offer something for free in exchange for your name and email address? ” and you should use one as a real estate agent or agent on your website. Why? I’m assuming you already have a real estate website or blog set up.

If not, you should start working as soon as you read this post. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the email marketing tool that I’m about to explain. Your real estate website itself is an important marketing weapon in your marketing arsenal, and there are many pieces that need to be in place for it to be effective. However, I will not review all of them now. For now I’m going to focus on one of those pieces that’s at the top of the list; ” targeted email subscription marketing.”

The goal of your website is to attract potential customers, let them know what type of broker or agent you are, and hopefully convince them to become your customers. In short, this is essentially what you need to achieve in order to be successful. and rake the dough. An absolutely fantastic way for prospects to get to know you personally and professionally is by collecting their names and email addresses (with your permission) in exchange for something you give them for FREE that has a real world value of
See subscription fields, to subscribe to the agent’s or agent’s mailing list or newsletter.

That’s all well and good, but how boring is that? If you were the prospect on a broker or real estate agent’s website and had the opportunity to sign up for a simple “mailing list” or “5 ways to save $10,000 on your next home purchase,” what would you choose? Yes, of course you want to know about the $10,000. This is exactly what you need to keep in mind when using an inbox for your email marketing.

So the first step to using your opt-in box effectively for email marketing is to make your opt-in box attractive. Make your potential customers curious. Give him a reason to accept your offer. A boring “mailing list” offer won’t surprise your potential customer enough to enter their name and email address in the signup field. You must be going crazy!

There are endless marketing ideas when it comes to deciding what to offer a prospect for free in exchange for their name and email address…”FREE 7-Day Selling Your Home e-course in 21 days or less” “FREE 10-minute interview with the funniest realtor in town” “9 ways to avoid undercutting” “3 tips to sell your home for $30,000 more”