Email Marketing – Don’t Make These 3 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Email Marketing: Don’t Make These 3 Common Email Marketing Mistakes A common complaint I hear from companies that run their own email marketing campaigns is their low “open rate” and therefore theirs low “read rate”. Email marketers as it can give them an indication of whether their copy is fine, their offer is fine and therefore whether their return on investment is fine. Personally, I enjoy looking at these and other stats, particularly how much money we’re spending, but let’s look at
3 Common Email Marketing Mistakes That Affect Open and Read Rates. Error number 1

First, it is very common for these companies to have a large volume of undeliverable email. These are emails that have been rejected and returned as undeliverable. Undeliverable emails affect any stats you want to keep and need to be tracked. of these. It’s important to look at the bounced messages individually and find out why they were bounced. The returned messages are divided into two segments:

Hard Bounce; Gentle bounce. Hard Bounce – Here the address is invalid and no matter what you do your message will never get through. A soft bounce occurs when the recipient’s inbox is temporarily unavailable. The most common reason for this is that the inbox is full.

This could be because the recipient is receiving other email marketing messages from companies or is an email address that is not regularly verified. By viewing “undeliverable” messages, you can clean up your list. I recommend removing all hard bounce addresses and keeping an eye on soft bounce addresses in case they keep popping up in future email marketing campaigns. each email marketing campaign to work on the cleanest possible list.

Mistake #2: Subject lines that don’t encourage anyone to open. Bland subject lines will not entice anyone to open your email. p>