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So you want to be fit? Are you fit? How do you know? Well to answer all these questions quickly, there are several types of fitness levels. So yes you are fit but to what extent?

Have you ever seen that one guy, usually called the lunk, walking around in a small shirt with a big jug of water and when he works out he screams. Well that is what you would call a bodybuilder fitness level. Many of us think of this picture when we say fitness. But the truth is the guy next to him who is 2x as small as him is still fit. Though someone may not be big and bulky but rather slim and small that does not mean that their fitness level is not as great as the next guys.

Now for many of us we don’t really work out much and when we do we don’t even know how to begin. From here we either look for help or just quit. Most of the time people end up quitting though. I’m here to try and motivate you to be that person who turns and looks for help. I have gone through that many of times and it took me a while but I got my act together and made fitness park of my everyday life. It has changed it in a way I could not have ever imagined. I use to go to the gym and feel so out of place, I would look around and try to figure out what to do. At the end of it all I just sat anywhere and did a workout I saw someone else do. I had no idea what to focus on how many times to do the workout or even what was a rep. I felt totally lost over and over. Eventually I looked for help among my friends and eventually I got on board and it is now a second nature to me. I think I might have just described exactly what you have gone through a couple of times when wanting to start working out.


It’s very easy. I will try my best to lay it down as easy as possible


I would recommend working out 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).
Monday focus on your upper body
Wednesday focus on your lower body
Friday focus on cardio (running, swimming, and jogging) at least 30 minutes


I would recommend working out 4 times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
Monday focus on chest and triceps
Tuesday focus on back and biceps
Thursday focus on shoulders and core
Friday focus on legs and calves
Before each workout do at least 15 min of cardio (running, swimming, and jogging)


At this point you know what you’re doing and I suggest you research and figure out just what kind of body you are interested in achieving. From here there are many routes you can take that will definitely change your body. Just don’t forget to always fall back to the basics if you ever get confused.


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