Arriving in Kenya to Teach Leaders and Allowing the Different Culture to Enrich Life’s Experiences

On that Saturday morning four weeks ago when I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya on the night flight from London, hundreds were going to work in the mud, some girls so smartly dressed were “plowing” their way by the side of the road doing what they did could to avoid splashes. It reminded me how we can be “sprinkled” by other people’s sin. The torrential rain had turned the paths on the sides of the highway into morass. first week and I managed to sleep two hours before a team meeting. What a bonus to be able to talk to these young people every night!

You had so many questions. How they managed to finance their studies at the university I could never fully find out. But they had a goal, a goal, and they were determined to achieve it. On Sunday I was picked up at 9 am. for the morning service in Dandora, one of the slums in northeast Nairobi. There was a tremendous amount of listening.

I spoke about Luke 5 and also about Bartimaeus and Zacchaeus. People expected the message to last at least an hour! As the rain continued, there was a significant hole in the corrugated iron roof, but people just rearranged their chairs. then he moved to Kariobangi, a slum west of Dandora. People came to pray, for their business, to be healed, for their upcoming trials, for all sorts of reasons.

What a privilege to be able to enter people’s lives in the most intimate way. Such confidences must never be broken! When I asked her, “Do you believe in Jesus? Have you regretted your sins? Were you baptized with water?