Anti Inflammatory Fruits of the Top Six

Joint pain is difficult to live with and can severely affect your daily life. Arthritis and any other form of joint pain can actually make even the simplest movement difficult in your normal days activities. You may actually feel like taking a pain pill to ease the pain quickly. These anti inflammatory medicines have adverse side effects and prolonged use of these pills can actually cause permanent damage to some of your body organs and also the immune system. Instead of opting to use over the counter medication, there is a better and safer method like including natural anti inflammatory food in your daily diet which have positive effects to your health.

Although a long list of natural fruits or vegetables becomes overwhelming to some, but there are other options available. Products with balance, variety, moderation, a health minded combination of all the natural fruits including the Acai berry, as well omega-3 for its most anti inflammatory effect are available in a liquid supplement. Taking this two times per day makes it an easy way for your body to receive all the fruits and benefits.

However, below are some of the six important anti inflammatory natural fruits that can help ease arthritis joint pain and inflammation and more.

1. Pineapple!

Besides having a great taste, pineapple is actually a very popular natural anti inflammatory fruit. The fruit has an enzyme called bromelain which not only helps in reducing inflammation but also helps in reducing the pain and helps the healing process. In fact many arthritis medicines use pineapple extract to treat the condition. If you are suffering from joint pain, eat fresh pineapples and you will definitely feel the difference. Avoid canned pineapples because they contain some added sugar and preservatives which can have the opposite effect and are not good for your health.

2. Berries!

All types of berries including strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are actually great anti inflammatory fruits. They not only contain antioxidants but also all the important phytochemicals which sooth the joints and also remove toxins that are harmful for the body. You can eat them whole or in form of Smoothies to ease the joint pain. These berries are also rich in vitamin C which helps arthritis and cartilage pain.

3. Papaya!

This is not only a delicious fruit but also a great agent that can help to ease pain and inflammation. It has an enzyme called papain and other minerals and vitamins that help to relieve soreness and aches. Papaya also helps to promote healthy hair, it is good for your skin and also aids in digestion. They are natural anti inflammatory fruits that are highly recommended by nutritionists because of other health benefits.

4. Bananas!

Bananas are actually a good source of many vitamins and minerals which help strengthen joints and fight arthritis. There are many other powerful reasons to eat bananas. Here are some nutritional facts of bananas: Vitamin-B6-5mg, Manganese-3mg, Vitamin-C-9mg, Potassium-450mg, Dietary fiber-3g, Protein-1g, Magnesium-34mg, Folate-25.0 mcg. For these many health reasons and benefits bananas are an important fruit to add to your daily diet.

5. Cherry!

Research has shown that cherry juice can actually help to decrease joint pain and it is according to Eve Campanelli, Ph. D. She came to find that most of her patient’s experienced joint pain relief after drinking a glass of cherry juice twice a day.

6. Apples!

Apple juice and applesauce all have anti inflammatory properties which can help to prevent and cure arthritis and other forms of joint pain.

In conclusion, natural anti inflammatory fruits are very important because they not only make you healthy but also help to prevent and cure joint pain and arthritis which has actually become a common problem to many people. There is also a point to remember, remedies like these work slower than drug medicine but have no side effects and will give you continued health.

Here is a little treat for you at the end of the day. Have and enjoy a glass of red wine with your dinner; make sure it is dry, such as Cabernet, Merlot, or Shiraz etc. One to two glasses of red dry wine per day will give you the generic benefits of the antioxidants and resveratrol in red wine. The ingredients of red wine not only lower your LDL cholesterol but as well lower your blood pressure. It also reduces inflammation in your body. But remember, two glasses is enough; that amount even keeps your digestive system healthy as well.