A Texas restaurant owner threw out a family wearing masks who were trying to protect their immunocompromised son

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott removing his mask before speaking at a news conference about migrant children detentions. L.M. Otero/AP

  • A Texas restaurant owner kicked a family out of his shop for wearing face masks.

  • The family said they were wearing masks because their son is immunocompromised.

  • The owner said he didn’t know about the child’s status, but he’d continue to enforce the mask ban.

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A Texas restaurant owner booted a family wearing masks to protect their immunocompromised son, saying it was “political,” according to CBS DFW.

Natalie Wester and her husband brought their four-month-old son to “Hang Time,” a restaurant and bar in Rowlett, Texas, just northeast of Dallas. Wester told CBS DFW that her son is immunocompromised, leading the couple to don masks inside of the venue out of precaution.

Hang Time’s owner did not approve.

According to Wester, their waitress approached the family at the behest of the restaurant owner, saying “this is political and I need you to take your mask off.”

“I feel the overall reaction with masks is ridiculous in the United States right now,” Hang Time’s owner said.

The owner told CBS DFW that going maskless is a part of the restaurant’s dress code and that he has the right to refuse to serve customers breaking his rules.

Hang Times’s anti-masking dress code, however, is not posted anywhere outside of the restaurant, sometimes leading to confrontation such as the case of the Wester family.

The restaurant owner told CBS DFW that he did not know their son was immunocompromised but said he’d continue to enforce Hang Time’s no-masking policies.

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