5 Good Email Marketing Strategies

Many online marketers never fully grasp the power of email marketing strategies. It’s quite common for marketers to have large email distribution lists but never make any money from them. Most online gurus will argue that every subscriber needs to be worth $1 to your business. That means you should be making $5000 a month with a 5000 subscriber mailing list, but for many people trying to make a profit from email marketing, that’s not the case.


In fact, novice email marketers send emails with bad subject lines that never get opened. Even when subscribers open your emails, they often don’t get the desired effect when the email reader clicks on the link contained in the email body. Here are some simple tips that should ensure your email marketing strategies get the response you want. Personalize your emails. It’s always a good idea to use each subscriber’s first name when emailing them.


This adds a personal touch and gives the reader the impression that you are addressing them directly, not just the crowd. Most good autoresponder services have special “tags” that can automatically insert previously collected details from your subscribers when they first sign up. If you’re using pre-packaged affiliate emails, make sure your autoresponder supports specific tags, as each service has its own set of tags. Double and triple check.


Nothing is worse for an aspiring marketer than an email full of misspellings, bad grammar, and broken links. Most autoresponder services offer a test email option that allows you to send yourself an exact copy of the proposed email. Mistakes you missed in autoresponder message editor, easier in your favorite email reader. Check the links you put in emails. You don’t want to go through the hassle of putting together a great email just to find out

After it was submitted, it contained a broken or broken link, or worse, no link at all. Having to forward an email to your mailing list to admit your mistake doesn’t seem professional. Read your own emails. Get straight to the point. There’s no point in being super smart or downright sneaky when creating email subject lines.