10 Ways to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Online

Email marketing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways for businesses to reach their customers. There are many platforms that you can use, from MailChimp and Constant Contact, to drip campaigns through your CRM system. However, when it comes to email marketing there are a few things that you should know about your audience in order to be successful.


1) Remember your audience’s name. When sending an email via a cold campaign (meaning the recipient has never heard from you before), do not use a generic salutation like Dear Friend. Instead, personalize the email by using the recipient’s name in the first sentence.


It will show that you put time and care into drafting this message just for them! 2) Include links. One way to increase your click rate is to include links within the body of your email. A good rule of thumb is 10% or less for each link, but some may feel more comfortable with even fewer than 5%.


The number depends on how much content you have in each email as well as how often you send emails out. Links make readers feel informed while also adding valuable information to what they’re reading – giving them another reason to keep reading!