10 Types of Packaging to Keep Your Cosmetic Products Safe and Fresh

Plastic bottles are lightweight and durable, which makes them an ideal material for shipping. These bottles are also recyclable, making them more environmentally friendly than glass bottles. Plastic containers come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can find the perfect one for your cosmetic company.


1) Bottles with screw on caps make it easy to dispense lotion or cream products like lip balm or hand cream. With this type of bottle, you can offer samples at trade shows and events without having to give away heavy glass containers that will be difficult for visitors to carry home. 2) Jars are another great option if you want your products to look elegant or upscale while still being easy to use on the go. Jar packaging is popular for creams and other beauty products such as bath salts. Jars are usually opaque and made from a high-quality plastic, so they do not need to be covered by shrink wrap when they’re displayed on shelves. 3) Glass jars add elegance to any display table, but because they’re fragile, some companies choose not to ship them unless they have protective sleeves over the top.


4) Pouches can work well for packaging things such as eye shadow compacts or nail polish remover pads because they close easily with zip closures. They’re often sold in packs of 10-12 pouches per package, which means you don’t have to worry about customers running out of your product before reordering! 5) Metal tins provide an airtight seal to protect the contents inside. You may even want to customize these tins with a design printed on the front and back. 6) Tubes are typically used for hair care products such as shampoo or conditioner. The tube allows users to squeeze out small amounts of their favorite product whenever they need it without wasting what’s left in the container.


7) Plastic clamshells are good for giving cosmetics away as samples because you can see through them, letting potential buyers know what they’re buying before purchasing full size items online or in person. 8) Spools come with a hang tab, making them perfect for hanging up somewhere like a clothesline inside your store or event space.