10 Types of Packaging for Your Cosmetic Products

Jars are some of the most popular types of packaging for cosmetics, and for good reason. They’re easy to customize with colors and designs that speak to your brand, and they have an upscale feel that customers love. Plus, jars are one-time purchases with no additional costs for filling them up with products over time.


If you’re looking for a professional yet stylish packaging option, jars might be just what you need! Read on below for ten types of materials used to package beauty product containers in order from cheapest (1) to most expensive (10). 1. Plastic 2. Paper 3. Corrugated cardboard 4. Cardboard 5. Metal 6. Wood 7. Wax paper 8. Tyvek 9. Cling wrap 10.Tin


In terms of jar material, glass is ideal because it looks and feels elegant. It’s also very sturdy so breakage is unlikely—which is good news if your cosmetics contain ingredients like water or vinegar that could spoil if exposed to air. The only downside with glass?


Weight! So while heavy items like lotions do well in glass jars, think twice before using these containers if your cosmetic involves a lot of liquids since they can quickly add up in weight. Some types of metal lids may rust if exposed to too much water or moisture (depending on their material), so keep that in mind as well when deciding which material best suits your needs.